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Music is my passion

My name is Bas Kok and for as far as I know I have always been busy with one thing… Music! It all started with drums, but through the years I started playing on more and more instruments. At this moment me best instrument is drums/percussion. I also play piano, guitar, ukelele and I sing. Making music is what I love to do the most. I spend a lot of time and I can express my feelings and faith through it. It is my passion.


I gained a lot of stage-experience in different churches. The first church I went was the City Life Church in The Hague and after one year I went to another church: De Levenstroom (the stream of life) where I played drums in the worshipteam for about 1 year. After that I went to Trinity International Church where I stayed for 5 years. I also played in the worshipteam there. I also went to Alpha & Omega in Rotterdam for about one year where I also played. Now I’m attending a Brazilian church called Assembly of God.

From 2012 untill 2016 I played in a Samba-Percussion Band: Ritmolanda is a Dutch percussion group, which plays a mixture of several musical styles on traditional Brazilian instruments. The group was founded by Paul ‘Pablitoss’ van Nispen, drum teacher at Drumschool Voorburg, and includes several talented young students from that same school. Click here for more information about Ritmolanda

One of the first bands I played in as a drummer was a hardrockband. I played with this band for one year and after that we al went different ways. We had a few nice experiences like our gigs in different cafes and one of them even in Paard van Troje in The Hague. I stopped with this band because I wanted to play different music.

In 2015 I started playing in  In Commission United (photo up here is a part of the band), a.k.a. I.C.U. It is a gospelband with a ministry of evangelizing with a full hornsection! With groovy praise the lead people into worship and make them dance. End of 2016 I stopped with the band.

At this moment I am mostly busy with producing my own music as a singer-songwriter. I writ new music all the time. My music has many styles. I sing in Dutch, English but also in Spanish or Portugese. The genre is mostly gospel/soul but as you might have noticed I’m also a big fan of Brazilian music. I also write songs that really get to the heart and worship songs. You can here all of this here on my website on the My Music page.


I also love playing music with other very talented musicians and songwriters like Jory Roosberg, Giorgio Smulders and Tehillah seen on the picture. They are very good friends of mine as well so I’m blessed with them. We support and help each other a lot in different projects.


In 2016 ben ik begonnen met drumlesgeven. Ik heb nu een klein aantal leerlingen aan wie ik elke week les geef. Ik kan mensen ook voor een vriendelijke prijs op weg brengen met piano en gitaar / ukelele les en ik geef songwriting les. Voor meer informatie zie Lessons en Workshops.

In 2016 I started giving drum-lessons and soon I also started giving piano, guitar/ukelele, songwriting and percussion-lessons. For more info, see lessons.


After I finished my high school at Veurs Lyceum in Leidschendam I started my bachelor in music in education at the conservatory of Rotterdam (Codarts). In this course your primary subject is teaching. You get lessons on different instruments like drums, piano, guitar and singing. There are many more subjects and things we learn like conducting, arranging, composing, home-recording, music history and I can go on a little more… The first year of the course you focus on primary school aged kids. In the second year your going to high school to have internships. In the third you can choose your own direction. It is a very fun inspiring course. It helps me form my vision for the future.

What is BiKmusic?

Bikmusic is the brand of my products and service. I want to release my own and maybe even others music with this label. It is also the name of my company. In the future I would like to establish a Christian Music Center that is accessible for everyone. There will be lots of activities going in here like private-lessons, workshops, gospel-jamsessions, events, studio and much more. I als want to reach out with music to the streets, prisons and all the places where people miss love and joy.

The goal of Bikmusic is not the music or making lots of money. My music and talents, I give them to God. Jesus was there for the people. He came to heal, deliver and bring the gospel. He had showed the love of God to the world by living, dying on the cross and resurrecting from the death. Just like Jesus, my heart goes out to the broken people, the sick and the poor. I long to be live like Jesus. That is why I want to stretch out to the people that struggle. I want to use the talent that God has given me for this: ‘cheering up, touching and encouraging people and showing the love of God for them’. That is the number one goal of BiKmusic


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